General Info

Who are we?: The Give-A-Kid-A-Chance team is a dedicated group of volunteers that come from all walks of life and span the spectrum of professions, occupations, and faiths. The common thread is our love of children and a keen desire to help them start school with all the things they need and with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs met.

Mission: Meet the immediate needs of students whose families are struggling with economic challenges by providing back-to-school supplies and connecting those interested in local service and faith providers.

Vision: Love God and Love our Neighbors by living the principles in Mathew 25:37-40.

Scope: We intend to reach at least 1,300 children and their families.

Parent Organization: Give-A-Kid-A-Chance operates as an outreach activity of Mission Ennis Bridge Builders. MEBB is a 501(c) organization committed to helping bring businesses, civic groups, individuals and faith based organizations together for the betterment of the people of Ennis and Ellis County.

Finance / Fund Raising: To reach 1,300 children, we need to raise $45,000. We do that by connecting with Businesses, Civic Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Churches and Individual Donors.

  • All donations are tax deductible according to prevailing IRS rules and regulations.
  • Administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Donations are processed through MEBB and are dedicated to GAKAC.